Let us know what you need blended –
we take care of the rest.

With our extensive cement blending facility, investments in all the required certifications and training, and decades of experience, you can be certain your product will be made to the highest standards. Rest assured that our team works with accuracy and precision, and will provide a reliable cement product you can count on that is blended on time, every time.

Cement Blending

We take your cement recipe and source the required ingredients. When all of the raw materials arrive at our facility, the product is weighed, then we blend it in our blending rooms according to your specifications.

Lab Testing

All of our blended products are sampled, then go through rigorous testing for internal quality control. Our lab technicians collaborate with our customers to ensure the blended product meets the required specifications.

Bulk Loading

Suncoast Materials has special materials handling expertise and loads finished product to be delivered throughout Canada, United States, and internationally.

Need Help?

Not quite sure what you need? Our team collaborates with our clients to find a solution that will help you achieve success in the field.


Why Choose Us?

High-Quality Product

We recognize the importance of quality in providing a competitive edge and we ensure that our blending creates a product that meets the highest standards.

Confidential and Secure

Confidentiality is critical to your business, and we will always handle your information and product, with care. Non-disclosure agreements are in place to keep your business and operations completely confidential.

Customer Service

Your priorities are ours too. That’s why we’re working 365 days a year and are available on-call 24 hours a day. We will proactively recommend options or alternatives that help improve your formulas and your success on site.

Reliable and Efficient

We know that your operations rely on having the right solution for the job and we are committed to providing you with the right solution on time, every time.

Problem Solving

We have records of every blend we’ve made, and are willing to make suggestions when adjustments need to be made. We’re also open to new ideas. We’re problem solvers and dedicated to whatever is needed to get the job done.